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In the event of nervous sleep disorders with dry extracts from valerian root and hop cones for a relaxing sleep

Salus® falling asleep capsules, 1st

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Introducing Salus® Falling Asleep Capsules, the first choice in natural medicinal products for relaxation and tranquility. Each soft capsule contains a powerful combination of 100.0 mg dry extract of Valerian root and 30.0 mg of Hop extract, expertly formulated to promote healthy sleep patterns and aid relaxation.

These vegetable-based capsules are made using a meticulous process that extracts the purest active ingredients from natural sources. The Valerian root extract, derived from the root of the Valeriana Officinalis plant, is extracted at a ratio of 3-6:1 to ensure maximum potency. It is expertly combined with ethanol 70% (v/v) to enhance its effectiveness. The hop extract, derived from the cone of the Humulus Lupulus plant, is extracted at a ratio of 4-8:1 and blended with ethanol 40% (v/v) for optimal performance.

Salus® Falling Asleep Capsules are free from harmful chemicals and are safe for everyday use. The capsules contain carefully selected other components such as spray-dried glucose syrup, lactose monohydrate, and high-disperse silicon dioxide, refined rapeseed oil, partially hydrated soybean oil, yellow wax, phospholipides from soybeans, gelatin, glycerol, sorbitol solution 70% (not crystallizing), cleaned water, iron II, III-Oxide (E 172), iron (III)-Oxide (E 172) that help in promoting healthy sleep patterns.

So, if you're looking for a natural and effective way to promote sound sleep without the use of addictive or harmful sleep aids, Salus® Falling Asleep Capsules is the perfect solution. Order now and experience the benefits of a peaceful night's rest.

Salus Falling Asleep Capsules - Natural Sleep Aid for Relaxation