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finely coordinated, spicy-aromatic herbal tea mixture

Salus® early and evening herbal tea organic, 100g

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Looking for a delicious, healthy and caffeine-free tea to enjoy any time of day? Look no further than Salus® early and evening herbal tea. This 100g organic, herbal tea mix has been a favorite amongst tea lovers for decades.

Not only does Salus® early and evening herbal tea taste great, but it's also highly digestible, making it the perfect beverage for young and old alike. It's even a great option for those looking for a caffeine-free option to enjoy in the evenings before bed.

The individual ingredients for this spicy-aromatic blend were carefully selected and coordinated to provide a unique flavor profile that pairs perfectly with sweet spreads and hearty cheeses. With its versatile flavor, Salus® early and evening herbal tea is the perfect drink for the whole family and any occasion.

Made with a blend of organic ingredients, including chamomile flowers, linden leaves, hazelnut leaves, heather, cocoa shells, Rooibos branch tips, hibiscus blossoms, anise fruits, bitter fennel fruits, coriander fruits, peppermint leaves, marigold flowers, thyme coast, and grain blossom blossoms, each sip of Salus® early and evening herbal tea is packed with nutrients and flavor.

So why wait? Add Salus® early and evening herbal tea to your tea collection today and experience the goodness of organic, caffeine-free herbal tea in every sip.

Salus® Organic Herbal Tea - Caffeine-Free, Delicious, and Nutritious