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- for intestinal health, digestion and immune system - with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3 - as well as native curcuma and curcuma special extract with optimized bioavailability

Salus® Darm-Care Curcuma Bioactive Tonic, 250ml

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Our intestine is a complex high -performance body and represents an important barrier between our organism and the outside world. On the one hand, it absorbs vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients from food, which are then available to our body for metabolism. On the other hand, 70 % of the defense cells of our immune system in the intestinal wall pay attention to the fact that environmental materials and pathogens are made harmless and excreted. The intestine thus has a decisive influence on our health. The Salus special recipe in the Darm-Care Curcuma Bioactive tonic supports our intestine with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3 in its diverse tasks. Without acting. 150 mg curcumin made of native curcuma and curcuma special extract with 46-fold-in -war-wing awarment-like herbal extract (34 %) (from curcuma root, peppermint leaves, yarrow blades, artichoke leaves, rosemary leaves, ginger), apple-plum extract (20 %) , Plum puree concentrate (10 %), water, pineapple juice concentrate, magnesium gluconate, calcium gluconate, Johannisbrotextrakt, grape juice concentrate, calcium lactate, magnesium citrate, apple juice concentrate, curcuma extract matrix (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, varicose), (VIATIMAEX), NATION) Johannisbrotkernmehl, apple pectin, Xanthan).

Salus Darm-Care Curcuma Bioactive Tonic - Supports Intestinal Health