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For strong bones - with increased need in growth - to maintain strong bones from the age of 30 - in and after menopause

Salus® Bone Aktiv Calcium - Vitamin D3 60 TBL, 170G

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Calcium is a nutritional nutrient: Calcium is an important part of our bone -scale, but also involved in many metabolic processes. Since the body cannot produce this important nutrient itself, sufficient intake is of crucial importance. Strong bones are made at a young age! Bone mass is built up to around the age of 30, after which it can largely be preserved with the right nutrition, movement and stress. A sufficient calcium supply supports the preservation of the bone substance. Vitamin D3 supports bone health: Vitamin D3 promotes the inclusion of calcium and its storage in the bones. Under the influence of sunlight, the human body can produce vitamin D3 itself. Due to the lack of sunlight in the dark season or due to the frequent stay in closed rooms, the in -house production goes back to vitamin D3 in the body. , Silicium dioxide separating agent, calcium salts of the food fatty acids, natural flavors, cholecalciferol.

Salus® Bone Aktiv Calcium - Vitamin D3 Supplement