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Refreshing herbal tea with Gundel vine

2 x Salus® Morning tea herbal tea organic 15 fb, 30g

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Looking for an invigorating and refreshing way to start your day? Look no further than Salus® Morning Tea! This high-quality herbal tea is made from a delicious blend of lush flowers, ripe fruit, and fragrant herbs, carefully selected from centuries-old farm gardens.

Each sip of Salus® Morning Tea is bursting with fruity and refreshing notes, making it the perfect pick-me-up for your morning routine. But this tea isn't just delicious - it's also packed with valuable, fleeting ingredients that are protected by a special tea bag design.

With its blend of apple fruits, cranberries, rosehip shells, apple mint leaves, fennel fruits, elderflower blossoms, gundel vine herb, rosemary leaves, walnut leaves, and sage leaves, Salus® Morning Tea is an exceptional choice for anyone who wants to start their day off right.

And because it's made from high-quality organic ingredients, you can enjoy Salus® Morning Tea knowing that each sip is free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic additives. So why wait? Order your Salus® Morning Tea today and experience the best in herbal tea from farm gardens around the world!

Salus® Morning Tea - Organic Herbal Tea for Energizing Mornings