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With organic Bach flower essences and valuable spices and fruits

2 x Salus® Bach flowers Tea Joy & Harmony Bio 15 FB, 30g

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The Bach flowers teas take up the spiritual philosophy of Edward Bach. The tea compositions combine carefully selected herbs, spices and fruits with Bach flower essences in organic quality into a soothing tea experience. "Joy & Harmony" is a fruit tea with delicate spice nuances with the Bachblüten essences Vervain, Wild Oat, Olive, Larch, Holly and Mustard. According to Edward Bach, they are recommended to recognize the inner harmony. Valuable, fleeting ingredients of the tea are protected by a tea. Quinces fruits*, hibiscus flowers*, rosehip bowl*, orange shells sweet*, pomegranate shells*, elderflüten*, currant fruits black*, cinnamon *, Strawberry fruits*, vanilleschoten*, lavender blossom*, Bach flower mixture* (extract from vervain* [verbene], wild oat* [Waldtrespe], olive* [olive tree], Larch* [Lärche], Holly* [Stechpalmenblüten] and Mustard* [ Ackersenf]).

Salus® Bach Flowers Tea Joy & Harmony Bio - Soothing Herbal Blend