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Full, strong tea from the tea plantations on the Brahmaputra.

2 x Salus® Assam Black Tea Bio 15 FB, 25.5G

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Welcome to the world of our incredible Assam tea, where the legacy of tea cultivation dates back to 1832 in the lush tea plantations of Brahmaputra, India. Picture this - abundant rainfall, scorching temperatures reaching up to 35 °C during the monsoon season - these are the perfect conditions that make our tea plants thrive and deliver a truly remarkable brew.

But what truly sets our Assam tea apart from the rest? It's the meticulous process that starts with ecological farming, following rigorous guidelines to ensure the highest quality. We take pride in our years of expertise, which is backed by stringent quality checks and careful processing. Rest assured, every sip you take will be nothing short of a sensational tea experience.

What makes our Assam tea truly exceptional is the careful protection of its precious and delicate ingredients, which are vital to preserving its unique flavor. With utmost care and dedication, we bring you a tea that has undergone every step in its journey with precision and love.

So go ahead, indulge yourself in the robust and malty flavor that characterizes our Assam tea. With each sip, you can trust that you are enjoying a cup of tea that has been produced with unparalleled care. Discover the rich heritage and distinct character of our Assam tea.

Salus® Assam Black Tea: Exceptional Flavor, Rich Heritage