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For respiratory tract and immune system with thyme, linden flowers, pointed path, other herbs and zinc soothing for throats and neck

Salus® Alpenkraft® bronchial syrup, 500ml

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Alpine power bronchial syrup is a dietary supplement with zinc, valuable vegetable extracts and essential oils. With his balm -like consistency, he leaves a soothing film on the mucous membranes in throat and neck. Soothing for throats and neck excerpts from anise, fennel, linden flowers, cowslip flowers, pointed trails, thyme, bird knotweed as well as licorice root and essential oils made of bitter fell and eucalyptus contribute to the healthy respiratory function. Anis, fennel, cowslip flowers and licorice root support the flow ability of the bronchial secretion. The essential oils made of eucalyptus and bitter fingel are aromatic soothing and positively influence the bronchial functions. Zink supports the normal function of the immune system. Leave -free, without preservatives, lactose -free, gluten -free honey, sugar, vegetable extract (31 %) (from thyme, linden blossom, pointed blossoms, pointed path leaves, clever blossoms, anise, bitter fennel fruits, bird knotweed), water, cutting -out extract, thickening of seizure of sodium, Latscent oil, acid -regulator diphosphate, citron oil, zinc oxide, bitter fell oil, acid gulcator calcium phosphate, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, star anise oil, thyme oil.

Salus Alpenkraft Bronchial Syrup - Soothing Respiratory Support