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Red cheeks Mama Eisen+ is a dietary supplement based on natural ingredients. The needs -based dosage helps to cover the additional requirement of iron during pregnancy (15 mg) and breastfeeding (5 mg). The portioned supply, distributed over the day, has a positive effect on the tolerance. The restriction to a few ingredients reduces the risk of allergens. Delicious fruit juices and strawberry mark ensure a pleasant, purely natural taste.

3 x Rotbäckchen Mama iron +, 450ml

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Introducing Rotbäckchen Mama Eisen+, a natural dietary supplement designed to cater to the specific iron requirements during pregnancy and breastfeeding. With a dosage of 15 mg for pregnancy and 5 mg for breastfeeding, this carefully portioned supply offers a positive effect on tolerance. Made with a few ingredients to minimize risk of allergens, the supplement contains delicious fruit juices and strawberry marks for a pleasant and purely natural taste.

Crafted from natural ingredients, this dietary supplement offers a needs-based dosage that effectively covers the additional iron requirement during pregnancy and lactation. To ensure best results, kindly shake the bottle well before using. The supplement is formulated with aronias juice, elderberry juice, blackberry juice, and grape sweet, in addition to white grape juice and strawberry mark (20%). The iron (II) gluconate and vitamin C contents work together to deliver a particularly desirable outcome.

At our Shopify store, we're committed to providing the best products for expecting and nursing mothers. Order Rotbäckchen Mama Eisen+ today to benefit from its remarkable capacity to increase iron levels in your body.

Rotbäckchen Mama Eisen+ - Natural Iron Supplement for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding