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Enjoy the taste of fruity sea buckthorn, combined with sharp ginger and turmeric juice and a pinch of pepper. The Big Shot based on a multi-fruit safe made of white grape juice, apricot mark and lemon juice, convinces with natural organic ingredients. 7 pure portions.

6 x Rabenhorst Sanddorn-Ingwer Bio Big Shot, 330ml

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Indulge in the taste of pure delight with every sip of Rabenhorst Sanddorn-Ingwer Bio Big Shot. Allow your taste buds to be transported to a dreamy world where the fruity essence of sea buckthorn dances with the sharpness of ginger and turmeric juice, and is finally finished off with a touch of pepper.

This delightful beverage is made with only the finest hand-picked, organic ingredients. Rabenhorst's century-old tradition of excellence in juice production is evident in every bottle. The white grape juice, apricot mark, and lemon juice base not only taste delicious, but also provide a healthy and natural source of energy.

With 7 Portions of Nature in each bottle, Rabenhorst Sanddorn-Ingwer Bio Big Shot is the ultimate organic drink for those who care about their well-being. Every step of the way, from the careful selection of the raw ingredients to the gentle bottling process, Rabenhorst ensures the highest quality standards are maintained.

Experience a unique and unforgettable taste sensation, one sip at a time. Allow yourself to be captivated by the tantalizing aroma and delicious flavor of this masterfully crafted drink. Please remember to shake the bottle before opening it to ensure the perfect blend of ingredients. Indulge in the best nature has to offer with Rabenhorst Sanddorn-Ingwer Bio Big Shot.

Rabenhorst Sanddorn-Ingwer Bio Big Shot - Organic Juice Blend