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Consultation and health in harmony. Red grapes, apples, cranberry, elderberry and acerola cherries ensure the unique taste of the juice. Together with the echinacea essence it contains, a great wealth of taste unfolds. Vitamin C and zinc complement the juice and support inside. Both contribute to a normal function of the immune system. They also contribute to protecting the cells from oxidative stress.

6 x Rabenhorst protect with zinc, 750ml

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Indulge in a truly delightful blend of flavors with Rabenhorst Protect with Zinc. Rich red grapes infused with the sweetness of apples and cranberries, paired with the boldness of elderberries and acerola cherries. A symphony of tastes absolves in your gustatory buds, reviving your senses, tantalizing your taste buds.

But, there's more to this blissful elixir than meets the tongue. The echinacea essence it contains offers a wealth of benefits that will resonate with your body. With the added combination of Vitamin C and Zinc, it's an unbeatable blend of goodness. They both support the normal functioning of your immune system and contribute to protecting your cells from oxidative stress.

Enjoy each sip of this specially crafted juice as a moment to embrace your health and your senses. Every drop is a reminder of the beauty that life holds, and the balmy enjoyment of good health. Drink with a heart full of love and revel in the magic of Rabenhorst Protect with Zinc, a drink that glows with the energy of life itself.

Rabenhorst Protect with Zinc: Immune-Boosting Elixir for Vibrant Health