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We create a special juice of the best quality from three harmoniously coordinated fruits. To support the immune system, this is supplemented with zinc and vitamin C. Both fabrics, zinc and vitamin C contribute to the normal development of the immune system. Since the body cannot produce the trace element zinc itself and can only save a limited extent, it must be supplied with the food in sufficient quantities.

24 x Rabenhorst for the Mini immune system, 125ml

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Looking for a delicious and healthy way to support your immune system? Look no further than Rabenhorst Mini Immune System juice!

Crafted from a blend of three perfectly balanced fruits, this juicy creation is enhanced with the goodness of zinc and vitamin C. These amazing nutrients work together to help keep your immune system in tip-top shape, giving you the support you need to stay healthy and happy.

And the best part? With a daily serving of just 125ml, you'll get all the vitamin C you need for the day – that's 250% of your recommended daily intake! Plus, each serving also provides you with 19% of your daily zinc needs.

So why not take the first step towards a healthier immune system today? Order your pack of 24 Rabenhorst Mini Immune System juices and enjoy a tasty and effective way to stay well!

24 x Rabenhorst Mini Immune System Juice - Boost Your Health!