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Carefully selected black elderberries from the best cultivation areas are processed into an aromatic juice of first quality in our in -house wine press. The exquisite berries are pressed only once. This creates a really pure direct juice with the whole abundance of its natural ingredients.

6 x Rabenhorst elderber mother juice organic, 330ml

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Are you looking for a delicious and healthy way to boost your immune system? Look no further than Rabenhorst's organic elderberry juice!

We carefully select the best black elderberries from top cultivation areas and use our in-house wine press to create a pure, aromatic juice packed with natural goodness. Each berry is pressed only once so that you get the full range of beneficial ingredients in every sip.

At Rabenhorst, we take pride in our juice-making craftsmanship, using only the finest raw ingredients and gentle bottling techniques. This ensures our high-quality standards are maintained and that you get a taste experience like no other.

To get the most out of your juice, we recommend shaking the bottle before opening and enjoying a daily portion of 150ml pure or diluted to your liking. And for a warm winter treat, simply heat slowly while stirring (but don't cook!) for a cozy cup of elderberry goodness.

Order your 6-pack of Rabenhorst organic elderberry juice today and taste the difference for yourself!

Organic Elderberry Juice: Boost Immunity with Rabenhorst's Delicious Blend