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Raab's Bio Maissiruppule is made from bio-corn. The sweetness is 70%compared to sugar. Sugar forms, which are obtained from strength, such as corn starch, find further spread in industry and are often used instead of refined.

Raab Vitalfood Bio Maissiruppule, 500g

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Raab Bio Maissiruppulver can be used for sweetening drinks, fruits, ice cream ice cream, milk drinks, desserts, baking mixes, etc. Compared to household sugar, about 70 %. G Bio Maissiruppule (depending on the desired viscosity). Tip for the production of a solution for soap bubbles: 60 ml detergent, 200 ml of water, 1/2 teaspoon of corn syrup powder. Mix all the ingredients together and wait until the liquid no longer foams. Have fun! Maissiruppule*

Raab Vitalfood Organic Corn Syrup Powder, Natural Sweetener, 500g