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Fragrance effect: strong, fragrance profile: woody, fresh, warm; The Zirbenwald space spray and gives strength, clarity and confidence. It brings the forest to our home.

Primavera Zirbenwald Raumspray Bio, 50ml

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Embrace the essence of the forest with Primavera's Zirbenwald Raumspray Bio. With its captivating and alluring aroma, this room spray will fill your home with the refreshing scents of the lush forest. The woody, fresh, and warm fragrance profile of this room spray will awaken your senses and leave you feeling grounded, confident and energized. Spray it whenever you need a refreshing pause from your busy routine, and experience the comfort and joy of being surrounded by nature's bounties. Let the healing power of the forest permeate your living spaces, workspaces, and bedrooms. Give your senses the indulgence they deserve with Primavera's Zirbenwald Raumspray Bio, the perfect addition to a peaceful and serene home.

Primavera Zirbenwald Raumspray Bio - Refreshing Forest Room Spray