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Fragrance effect: amusing, fragrance profile: fruity, warm; With the Sommer Sun Room spray, the sun-Sommer-South feeling can be brought into your own home at any time.

Primavera summer sun room spray organic, 50ml

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Bring the warmth of the summer sun into your home with the luxurious Primavera Summer Sun Room Spray. Breathe in a tantalizing blend of fruity and warm notes, allowing yourself to be whisked away on an unforgettable aromatic journey. Awaken your senses with a fragrance that is both amusing and alluring, evoking memories of lazy summer afternoons spent basking in the sun.

This organic blend of natural scents provides a gentle and calming effect, creating a relaxing atmosphere in any living, working or bedroom space. Let yourself be delighted by its ethereal perfume and bring a bit of sunshine into your day, no matter the weather outside.

With a simple spray, the Primavera Summer Sun Room Spray will transport you to a world of pure bliss and relaxation, leaving your space smelling divine and your soul refreshed. So, indulge in a little bit of luxury and invite the sunshine into your home today!

Organic Primavera Summer Sun Room Spray - Refreshing Aromatherapy Fragrance