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The practical pillow spray exudes a relaxing, cozy fragrance made of 100 % natural pure essential oils and ensures a relaxing sleep at home and on the way. The cozy fragrance composition of 100 % natural pure essential oils helps to leave everyday stress behind and relax.

Primavera sleepworthy pillow spray organic, 30ml

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Indulge in a restful sleep and experience the soothing essence of Primavera Sleepworthy Pillow Spray Organic. This 30ml bottle is a true sleep companion that instantly creates a relaxing ambience in your room. Its calming aroma can be sprayed in the room, on a cloth, or directly onto the pillow, facilitating a tranquil and comfortable sleep. The organic ingredients of this unique spray guarantee a refreshing and natural scent that will leave you feeling rejuvenated in the morning. Simply spray it onto your pillow or into the room and let the soft fragrance of this pillow spray enhance your sleep quality. Take your sleep routine to the next level with Primavera Sleepworthy Pillow Spray Organic.

Primavera Organic Pillow Spray for Restful Sleep