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Rosmarin Campher Bio, the guardian for body and mind, in morning muffles, for activating the scalp and hair growth, for athletes

Primavera Rosmarin Campher Bio, 5ml

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Introducing the elixir of nature, the Primavera Rosmarin Campher Bio. This bewitching scent, distilled from the sacred rosemary shrub, is a revitalizing tonic for the soul and body alike. Its delicate fragrance, fresh and pure, will transport you to a realm of tranquility and serenity.

At our store, we offer you the gift of choice with three different rosemary oils, each with its own unique properties. The Rosmarin Campher Bio, your guardian for both mind and body, is perfect for those sluggish mornings or when your hair needs an extra boost of vitality. It stimulates hair growth, invigorating your scalp and effectively combating exhaustion.

The Rosmarin Cineol Bio* is ideal for when you need to clear your airways, the perfect solution when you're feeling down with a cold. It can even be your go-to for those who require assistance in loosening the mucus that's causing discomfort.

Rosmarin Verbenon Bio*, a liver stimulation oil, can be used to bestow new energy and vitality during periods of detoxification and spring cures.

With our captivating scents, we have just the perfect recipe tip to rejuvenate your body and mind. Try our activating leg spray, which will lift your spirits with just a few sprays of rosemary campers and juniper berry in a blend of vodka and pepper mint water organic. Or, for your hair and scalp, add 15 drops of rosemary campers to 100 ml of hammamelis water, shake well before use, and experience your hair roots becoming lively and energetic.

Each oil can be used in different ways, such as in face and body oils, massage oils, therapeutic rubs, and wraps. Adding just a few drops in a bath or as a bathing additive can make all the difference. It's perfect for self-mixed cosmetic products and aroma care of the skin.

Experience the magic of nature in a 5ml bottle today. Maximize its benefits by using up to fifteen drops in 50 ml of Primavera almond oil organic. Don't wait, let the mystique of Primavera touch your inner being and awaken your senses.

Primavera Rosmarin Campher Bio, 5ml