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The essential oil of the Damascener Rose is an extraordinary essential oil, since it carries incredible plantability and is very gentle at the same time. It has a holistic harmonizing, both soothing and stimulating - depending on what body, mind and soul need. Hardly anyone can escape the deep fragrance. The essential oil appears heart -open, is mild and confident, at the same time it gives inner strength and builds up.

Primavera rose Turkish organic 10 %, 5ml

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Indulge in the magnificent essence of the Damascener Rose with the Primavera Rose Turkish Organic Essential Oil. This extraordinary oil carries with it an irresistible and gentle fragrance that is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and in harmony.

With its holistic soothing and stimulating properties, the essential oil can cater to both the needs of the mind and soul. Its ability to open up the heart and provide inner strength is truly remarkable. In skin care, the oil's strong, cell-controlling and regulating properties make it a coveted choice for those looking for an all-natural solution.

The extraction process of the noble Damascener Rose is equally intriguing. It takes an immense 3,500 - 5,000 kg of roses to produce just 1 kg of essential rose oil. Handpicked early in the morning by 42 farmers in the Taurus Mountains of Turkey, our rose oil and rose water are produced under strict organic cultivation protocols.

Our partnership with these farmers is built on a shared vision of upholding the ecological balance of our planet and promoting sustainable biological farming.

At Primavera, we invite you to experience the luxurious fragrance of the Damascener Rose, an essential oil that has captivated hearts for centuries. Whether you use it diluted as a cosmetic or therapeutic solution, or just as a space fragrance, the organic essence of this exquisite flower is certain to leave you feeling tranquil and refreshed. Treat yourself to a touch of romance with the Primavera Rose Turkish Organic Essential Oil.

Primavera rose Turkish organic 10 %, 5ml