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The warm, flowery, fragrant etheric oil in the rose geranium is a rose geranium balance and compensation in "stressful" times. It has a harmonizing effect and is particularly skin -friendly. As a well -tolerable, daily skin care, it has a regulatory effect on all skin needs, how blemished skin, but also tired and mature skin benefits.

Primavera rosengeranie organic, 10ml

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Indulge yourself in the luxurious and captivating aroma of Primavera Rosengeranie Organic. This warm and flowery essential oil will transport your senses to a world of balance and harmony, making it the perfect companion in stressful times.

The extraordinary spectrum of action of the Rosengeranie oil will leave you amazed. Not only does it smell similar to real rose oil, but it also has skin-friendly and regulatory effects that can cater to an array of skin needs, from blemished to tired and mature skin. It can even aid in skin regeneration for burns or eczema, making it a smooth and almost invisible solution to scars.

But that's not all - this balancing oil also serves women in all situations. It can ensure hormone balance during puberty, fertility, and even in the event of menopause. It's a unique and price-attractive oil that can be used in many compositions in body care, with its extraordinary properties that help accept change.

If you're looking to add this magical oil to your beauty routine, try our recipe tips. For a nourishing face oil, mix 5-8 drops of essential oil rose Geranie organic* in 30 ml wild rose oil, let it settle for a few days, and use it as a facial oil or serum. For a relaxing bath, blend 3 drops of lavender fine* Bio, 3 drops of blood orange* Bio, and 5 drops of rosengeranium* Bio with cream or honey and add it to the warm flowing water.

And for an intensive hair cure, massage a cotton ball with oil blend made of 50 ml wheat germ oil, 5 ml jojoba oil* Bio, 5 tr. Sanddorn fruit oil* Bio, 7 tr. Lavender fine* bo, 6 tr. Sandalwood ind.* Bio, and 7 tr. Rose geranie* organic into your hair to help combat the harsh effects of chlorine, salt water, and sun.

Indulge your senses and give your body the treat it deserves - try Primavera Rosengeranie Organic today!

Primavera Rosengeranie Organic Essential Oil - Balancing and Nourishing Aroma