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A rose is characterized by a particularly noble fragrance. In the rose absolute, the enchanting fragrance of the rose comes into its own and is also closest to what we know from walking through a rose garden. Roses absolute is particularly suitable when the fragrance is in the foreground.

Primavera rose bourbon absolute, 1ml

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Indulge yourself in the alluring beauty of nature with our Primavera rose bourbon absolute. Overflowing with delicate notes of love and beauty, this absolute is a perfect representation of the noble rose fragrance. Just like the mesmerizing fragrance of roses that bloom in a beautiful garden, the rose absolute unfolds its bewitching aroma that enchants the senses of everyone around it.

Crafted from the finest bourbon rose (pink borboniana), this absolute is a perfect component for rosy-floral-fragrant recipes. It is unadulterated and closest to what we smell in a blooming garden. Whether you want to create a signature aroma that perfectly captures your personality, or dilute it for therapeutic use, our Primavera rose bourbon absolute is just the thing you need. Blend it with a carrier oil such as our organic almond oil, and it will transport you to the enchanting realm of the roses.

Perfect for revitalizing your skin, our rose bourbon absolute can be used as a part of your skincare routine. Use it in facial and body oils, massage oils, for therapeutic rubbing and for wraps, as a bathing additive, and for masks. Its captivating scent will transform your regular skincare regimen into a luxurious self-care experience that nourishes your soul as well as your skin.

Discover the spellbinding beauty of the Primavera rose bourbon absolute and cherish it for years to come. Remember, a single drop of this exquisite absolute is enough to create a signature scent that will leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

Primavera Rose Bourbon Absolute - Captivating Fragrance for Skincare