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The essential oil of real peppermint belongs in every house & travel pharmacy and is a classic in aromatherapy. It ensures a clear head and cools. Used for the first signs of tension headache, you can prevent you, with (travel) nausea, sniffing peppermint can provide relief.

Primavera peppermint Demeter, 5ml

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In the midst of your aromatherapy journey, there is an essential oil that transcends all expectations. Its radiant fragrance purifies the soul, clearing the mind and refreshing the body. The Primavera peppermint Demeter is a classic amongst aromatherapists and belongs in every household and travel pharmacy.

As you indulge in its cool, crisp and utterly invigorating aroma, a clear head emerges and tension headaches dissipate, leaving you with an everlasting sense of peace. The concentrated formula awakens and revives both body and mind, instilling a sense of concentration and focus like never before.

If you ever experience jet lag, or feel tired and nauseous during travel, Primavera peppermint Demeter is the perfect remedy for you. Its cooling essence cools and soothes, restoring balance and vitality. It is equally useful for stomach pressures and digestive problems.

In a cold or discomfort, Primavera peppermint Demeter is the perfect recipe for relief, as it supports your breathing and helps you feel refreshed. Its menthol-like properties are a natural healer, and provide an instant relief to minor skin irritations and itching.

Moreover, Primavera peppermint Demeter is perfect when added to refreshing, invigorating body oils, giving a tingling, minty-cool effect on the skin. Its natural properties create a sense of calmness, perfect for enjoying summer foot baths and body peeling.

Experience the invigorating effects of Primavera peppermint Demeter today. Add it to your aromatherapy collection and be prepared to embark on the ultimate journey of healing and rejuvenation.

Primavera peppermint Demeter, 5ml