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The essential oil pepper black bio* smells characteristic of pepper, warms strongly, but is not sharp and skin -irritating. A muscle and joint oil for many areas of application, as it is effective and at the same time very mild.

Primavera pepper black organic, 5ml

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Indulge in the warm and soothing essence of Primavera's black organic pepper oil. The rich and characteristic aroma of pepper gently warms your senses, easing your mind and soul with a single breath. Unlike traditional pepper oils, our organic blend is not sharp or skin-irritating, making it perfect for use in aromatherapy massages.

Let the warmth of black organic pepper oil permeate through your muscles, relieving pain and easing muscle hardness and stiffness. It brings a gentle relief to even the most stubborn of back pains and sciatica complaints. Since it is both gentle and effective, it is perfect for use as a muscle and joint oil for many areas of the body.

Our "Heat Paving" recipe is perfect for aching muscles and joints. Infuse 50 ml of St. John's Wort Oil with 20 drops of our organic black pepper oil and 5 drops of lavandin super. Apply regularly to the affected areas and feel the warmth spread throughout your body.

Primavera's black organic pepper oil is the perfect addition to your essential oil collection, ideal for use as a room fragrance, facial and body oil, massage oil, therapeutic rubbing oil, and bath additive. Add up to ten drops to 50 ml of our organic almond oil for the perfect aromatic skin-care experience.

Open yourself up to the gentle and soothing warmth of black organic pepper oil, and let your senses be transformed.

Primavera pepper black organic, 5ml