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The freshly clear-fragrant essential oil Myrte Turkish is a special feature of Primavera because it comes from the organic farming partner in Turkey. It was one of the first essential oils that Primavera had in the range. The essential oils of the myrtes are very mild and are also suitable for the treatment of children in colds.

Primavera Myrte Turkish organic, 5ml

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Breathe in the pure essence of nature with Primavera's Myrte Turkish organic essential oil. A fragrance as fresh as a spring morning, Myrte Turkish is a product of our treasured partnership with organic farmers in Turkey. Its gentle yet potent properties make it perfect for delicate care - it's even suitable for children during colds.

Let Myrte Turkish wash over you like a gentle breeze, soothing your senses and lulling you to sleep. This essential oil also supports the natural detoxification process, especially helpful during the season of renewal.

Beauty blooms on the surface as well - Myrte Turkish provides clarity and rejuvenation to oily, coarse-pored skin, leaving it soft and radiant. And for a truly holistic experience, use it as a boundary-defining oil, taking control of your surroundings during moments of overwhelming energy.

The application is as easy as breathing - either diffuse a drop on a cloth for a subtle, continuous aroma, or mix with organic orange essential oil in a nourishing almond oil base for a targeted, revitalizing effect. For a truly restorative experience, add a few drops to your detoxifying bath - let it wash away your worries and leave you refreshed and recharged.

Experience the power of nature with Primavera's Myrte Turkish organic essential oil - let it restore, rejuvenate, and uplift your spirit.

Primavera Myrte Turkish organic, 5ml