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The spicy-herb-flowery manuka oil is a stroke of skin and soul and a helper for the whole family. A protective shield for skin and nerves, in sensitive people.

Primavera Manuka, 5ml

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Indulge in the sensational world of aromatherapy and let the enchanting scent of Primavera Manuka transport you to a realm of soothing relaxation. With its delicate blend of spicy-herb-flowery manuka oil, this 5ml bottle is a true gift for your skin and soul.

Crafted as a protective shield for your skin and nerves, Primavera Manuka is a treasured helper for your entire family. Its skin-friendly and anti-germination properties make it ideal for treating diverse skin problems, regenerating and strengthening the skin with a tendency to skin and nail fungus. Known as a natural "broadband antibiotic" in aromatherapy literature for its remarkable ability to relieve pain and heal wounds, this oil is truly a wonder.

With a unique ingredient known as "Triketon," sourced from its native New Zealand, Primavera Manuka is the ultimate choice for health-conscious individuals seeking a natural panacea. Unlike Australian tea tree oil, its durability is far more commendable and its sensitivity to oxidation quite minimal.

Indulge in the exquisite recipe tips and mix this precious oil with organic pomegranate and almond oils, rose gerania and a dash of sea salt for a nourishing and soothing nail oil that strengthens and prevents nail fungus. To ease irritated skin, mix it with a tablespoon of sea salt, and cleanse your skin with lukewarm water for a refreshing bath experience.

Primavera Manuka is an unmatched aromatherapy essential oil that can be used for therapeutic massages, facial, body oils, and even self-mixed cosmetic products for skin care. Apply it by diluting a maximum of 2 drops in 50 ml of Primavera almond oil organic for a heavenly skin care experience. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the enchanting world of Primavera Manuka and watch your skin radiate with natural brilliance.

Primavera Manuka, 5ml