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The essential oil lemon verbs smells particularly fine and clear, it has a stimulating and invigorating effect on body, mind and soul. It opens the mind, serves inspiration and has a creativity -promoting effect. This special essential oil is exclusive. We obtain it directly from our organic cultivation partner in the Andes.

Primavera lemon verben Andes Bio, 1ml

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As the gentle breeze of springtime caresses your senses, allow the enchanting fragrance of Primavera Lemon Verben Andes Bio to nourish your soul. This exquisite essential oil is a precious gem, sourced exclusively from our trusted organic cultivation partner in the Andes.

Awaken your mind and spark your creativity with the invigorating aroma of lemon verbena. A few drops of this miraculous elixir will unlock your innate potential and inspire you to greatness. Let its fine and clear fragrance infuse your being, revitalizing your entire being and lifting your spirits to new heights.

Embrace the power of spring with our fragrance mixture "powerful in spring". Blended with 6 drops of organic grapefruit, drops of organic lavender fine, and 2 drops of myrtes Bio, this fragrance concoction will fill your home with the revitalizing energy of the season. Illuminate your space with this exquisite blend in a fragrance lamp and immerse yourself in a sea of invigorating scent.

Experience the magic of Primavera Lemon Verben Andes Bio and put the power of nature at your fingertips. Illuminate your spirit and rejuvenate your body with every drop of this precious oil. Let your heart soar with the wonder of spring and embrace the endless possibilities of life. Get your bottle today and unlock the secrets of true vitality!

Primavera Lemon Verben Andes Bio Essential Oil - Revitalizing Aroma