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For sensitive bronchi, the larch oil is very well tolerated, has a liberating and irritant effect in the event of a breathing difficulties. In particular on the basis of the composition of the ingredients from monoterpenes, monoter penols, sesquiterpenoles and esters, it has an expectorant and overwhelming promoting. The oil has stamped the blood circulation and helps to relieve muscle tension and joint problems.

Primavera larch organic, 5ml

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Enter into a world of pure, enchanted aromatherapy with the Primavera Larch Organic essential oil. Allow yourself to be whisked away to a serene forest, where the fragrant, "female" larch tree boasts its majestic scent. This organic elixir offers gentle, yet powerful support to your sensitive chest area and promotes conscious breathing. 

With its delightful blend of monoterpenes, monoterpenols, sesquiterpenols, and esters, this organic oil creates a magical atmosphere that seduces the senses and invigorates the soul. Its energetic touch nurtures your body and fills your heart with joy and tranquility.

This larch oil is an exceptional oil to combine with a soothing carrier oil like almond oil to help you relax and ground you. When massaged into your joints and muscles, it eases soreness and increases circulation. A few drops of this delightful oil creates an ideal aroma care product for your skin.

Indulge in the revitalizing body oil mix "Fit & Movable" that incorporates the Primavera Larch Organic oil into a blend of sesame and grapefruit oil. Or create the ultimate fragrance enhancement for your wrist and forearm with the roll-on bottle blend "Well Protected," which consists of jojoba oil, mandarine green bio, and angelica root organic.

Escape into a world of serenity and calmness with Primavera Larch Organic essential oil. Transform your everyday life with a few drops of this enchanting oil and create a tranquil, spa-like ambiance to enrich your body and mind. So relax and let your worries drift away with the delicate magic of this extraordinary aroma.

Primavera larch organic, 5ml