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Jasmin Absolute smells bewitching and flowery. The effect of the Jasmin Absolute is particularly relaxing, relaxing and lifting. It helps to let go and allow suppressed feelings. It serves love and can promote trust and devotion. The fragrance is an aphrodisiac and enchants sensual massage oils.

Primavera Jasmin Absolute 4 %, 5ml

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Indulge in the captivating fragrance of Primavera Jasmin Absolute. Let the bewitching and flowery scent of Jasmin Absolute enchant your senses and take you on a blissful journey of relaxation and uplifting feelings. This alluring fragrance can help you let go of suppressed emotions and promote trust and devotion in your relationships.

Jasmin Absolute is recognized as a potent aphrodisiac that can add a touch of sensuality to your life. It enchants even the most mundane moments when used in massage oils, supporting creative work, or as a room fragrance. This luxurious oil can complement your facial and body oils, therapeutic inscription, and wraps to create a bespoke skincare product that is unique to your needs.

The soft floral aroma of Jasmin Grandiflorum Absolute from Egypt is perfect for those who seek a consuming fragrance without the heaviness of the Indian Jasmin Sambac Absolute. Whether you use it for self-mixed cosmetic products, as a bath additive, or for masks, Jasmin Absolute is always a charming choice.

Experience the magic of Jasmin Absolute with our recipe tips. For a romantic getaway with your loved one, try our "Sensual Hours" recipe with 100 ml of organic jojoba oil and 20 drops of Jasmin Absolute 4%. Or, use our "Jasminblütze" recipe for facial care oil with 30 ml of organic wild rose oil and 15 drops of Jasmin Absolute 4%.

Add no more than 3 drops of Primavera almond oil organic into 50 ml and let the enchanting fragrance of Jasmin Absolute help you relax, rejuvenate, and rekindle your passion. Order now and indulge in the heavenly fragrance of Primavera Jasmin Absolute.

Primavera Jasmin Absolute 4 %, 5ml