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Fragrance effect: clarifying, fragrance profile: fresh herb; The room spray fresh air looks clarifying with peppermint, lemon and myrtle and refreshes the home.

Primavera fresh air room spray organic, 50ml

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Breathe in the refreshing essence of nature with Primavera's Fresh Air Room Spray. Each bottle is crafted with organic ingredients that emit a clarifying aroma specially designed to invigorate the senses. The sweet scent of peppermint, the zesty aroma of lemon, and the earthy scent of myrtle intertwine to create a fragrance profile that is truly captivating.

Let the Fresh Air Room Spray transport you to a lush, green forest as you spritz it in your home. Feel the soothing fragrance embrace your senses, inspiring tranquility, and elevating your mood. Perfect for your living, work, or bedroom, this enriching room spray promises a delightful fragrance experience.

Experience the wonders of nature and replenish your home with the Fresh Air Room Spray. Don't let the fast-paced world dull your senses; with Primavera's Fresh Air Room Spray, indulge yourself in the sweet scent of botanical bliss.

Primavera Organic Fresh Air Room Spray - Natural Aromatherapy Fragrance