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Fragrance profile: cute, anise -like, mild; Fragrance: relaxing, calming, balancing

Primavera fennel Bitter Demeter, 5ml

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Indulge your senses and find serenity with our Primavera fennel Bitter Demeter, 5ml, the elixir of calmness and relaxation. Delight in the herbaceous and anis-like scents that transport you to a serene oasis where you can unwind and find balance.

Let its fragrance relax your mind and body with its cold season-effective help in easing colds and relaxing your senses. Experience true restfulness with our bathing additive, where 5 drops of fennel bitter Demeter mix with 3 tablespoons of sea salt create a luxurious and impactful full bath.

Transform your skin, space, and wellbeing with Primavera fennel Bitter Demeter's versatile benefits. With its invigorating and healing properties, mix it with a carrier oil for a massa(c)ge, a facial or body oil for an indulgent skin-care routine, or use it as a supplement in wraps and masks.

This product inspires creativity and self-expression, allowing you to create your cosmetics and cosmetics products for the aroma care of your skin. Bring its captivating fragrance and its natural goodness wherever you go, by adding up to three drops of pureness to your bath, diffuser or any other carrier of your choice.

Experience the natural goodness of our Primavera fennel Bitter Demeter, 5ml and transform your self-care routine into a lavish sensory experience.

Primavera fennel Bitter Demeter, 5ml