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Mix well with: citrus oils such as <br> clementine and orange, spices such as clovesknospe, clove leaves, ginger, tonka, tolu, vanilla

Primavera cinnamon bark organic 60 %, 5ml

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Indulge in the warm embrace of nature with our Primavera Cinnamon Bark Organic essential oil - a treasure that is sure to leave you spellbound.

Derived from the outer bark of young tributaries, branches or roots of the cinnamon tree, this precious oil comes to life with a refreshing aura of citrus oils like clementine and orange, and blends beautifully with sweet spices like clove buds and ginger.

Crafted with love, this oil is ethically sourced and meticulously extracted to ensure that you get only the best. The cinnamon tree, grown in cultures, is cut back to keep it shrub-like and promote further growth. The outer bark is carefully scraped off and mixed to form this fragrant oil that is gentle and safe for use on the skin.

Experience its therapeutic benefits by adding a few drops of this oil to your body and facial oils, massage oils, therapeutic rubs, bath additives, masks or simply use it as a stand-alone product for a luxurious aroma care experience.

Maximize its potential by blending with Primavera almond oil organic - mix no more than 5 drops of this heavenly essence with 50 ml of the almond oil for an indulgent skin care regime.

Unlock the true essence of nature with our Primavera Cinnamon Bark Organic essential oil - a harmony of love and purity that will leave you feeling cherished and at peace.

Primavera cinnamon bark organic 60 %, 5ml