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The essential oil chamomile Roman organic* has a very relaxing and calming effect on skin and psyche. It has a particularly stabilizing and build -up, in the event of discouragement and exhaustion. Its sweet-warm fragrance can help with homesickness and give inner strength in many situations. Helpful support for children and adults suffering from bullying.

Primavera chamomile Roman organic, 1ml

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Introducing the ethereal Primavera Chamomile Roman Organic, the perfect essence for a calming and uplifting experience. Revered for its heavenly, sweet-warm fragrance, this essential oil is infused with soothing properties that provide a stabilizing effect on both skin and psyche. Perfect for those seeking to soothe the soul and bring about a sense of inner peace.

Crafted from the purest, organic ingredients, this essential oil is perfect for those suffering from discouragement and exhaustion, providing a gentle but powerful remedy for homesickness and emotional turbulence. Particularly suited for children and adults facing the stress of daily life, this oil serves as a helpful support for those facing bullying.

Indulge your senses with Primavera Chamomile Roman Organic, as it nourishes your skin with a calming effect that is especially beneficial for sensitive skin. Create your perfect skin regime with this essential oil and our Primavera facial care series Sensitive Care, for a beauty routine that is both soothing and nourishing.

Looking for some inspiration for using this exquisite essential oil in your daily life? Mix 30 ml of camellia seed oil with 3 drops of chamomile Roman organic*, 3 drops of rose geranium organic*, and massage it into your skin for a facial oil that will reduce redness and soothe sensitive skin. For a portable solution, create a Roll-on 'Inner Strength' with 5 drops of this fragrant blend and 2 drops of cedar bio* for a perfect aroma care solution that is ideal for use on your wrists, solar plexus and soles of your feet.

Ease your soul and soothe your senses with Primavera Chamomile Roman Organic, an exquisite essential oil that lets you indulge yourself in the very essence of serenity. Simply add 5 drops to 50 ml of Primavera Almond Oil Organic and apply liberally for a divine experience that transcends the confines of daily life.

Primavera Chamomile Roman Organic Essential Oil - Soothing and Calming