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The essential oil carrot seeds smells more earthy, warm, aromatic and (still) an insider tip for the skin. It is valued for its extraordinary skin regenerating properties and mature, stressed skin is used for care. It also serves scar care, has a smooth and regenerating effect on the skin tissue.

Primavera carrot seeds, 5ml

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Introducing the golden gift of nature, Primavera Carrot Seeds. From the fields of the earth, the essential oil extracted from these seeds is a hidden gem, known only to those who seek and treasure the secrets of natural skincare. With a warm and earthy aroma, this essential oil has astounding properties that are nothing short of miraculous.

Mature, stressed skin finds new life with the extraordinary regenerating abilities of Primavera Carrot Seed Oil, making it a cherished addition to any skincare routine. If you have scars, we have a recipe tip for you. Mix 30 ml of wild rose oil with 3 drops of carrot seeds and 5 drops of organic rose Geranium, and gently massage it on the affected area regularly for the best results.

Looking to diminish wrinkles? We have a recipe tip for you too. Massage 15 ml of organic jojoba oil with 1 drop of essential oil mix of Primavera Carrot Seeds with a loving touch, and let the magic work. The oil is quickly absorbed by damp skin, so we suggest spraying your face with organic plant water, such as immortelle water, to minimize the gloss.

Our Primavera Carrot Seeds can be mixed and diluted to create a range of miraculous treatments for your skin, including face and body oils, massage oils, therapeutic rubs, body wraps, bath additives, and masks. For best results, add a maximum of 4 drops of this golden gift into 50 ml of organic Primavera almond oil.

Nature's gift to your skin is here, indulge in the luxury of Primavera Carrot Seed Oil, and let its miraculous properties work their magic. Embrace the essence of nature's bounty and fall in love with the radiance of your skin like never before!

Primavera carrot seeds, 5ml