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Liberating and cleaning pillow spray. Suitable for textiles and space fragments.

Primavera breathwohl pillow spray organic, 30ml

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As night falls, and the world around you drifts off into slumber, let the captivating fragrance of Primavera's Breathwohl Pillow Spray transport you to a dreamland of serenity and tranquility.

Crafted from 100% natural pure essential oils of eucalyptus and stone pine, this organic 30ml spray is a heavenly blend that stimulates deep breaths and ensures restorative sleep. The aromatherapy property of this liberating fragrance composition whispers a lullaby to the soul, soothing your mind and body into peaceful relaxation.

Not only does this remarkable Pillow Spray encourage healthy breathing and calming vibes, but it also cleanses and refreshes textiles with its hygienically pure formula. You can spray it onto your pillow or throughout your room, creating a sanctuary of aromatherapy for a blissful night's sleep.

We believe that nature holds all the answers to inner peace and tranquility, and with our carefully selected raw materials in organic quality, you can indulge in 100% natural plant power. Elevate your nighttime routine with Primavera's Breathwohl Pillow Spray, and let its soothing fragrance enchant you into a world of dreams.

Primavera Organic Breathwohl Pillow Spray - 30ml