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The Benzoe Siam extract has a enveloping, calming and nourishing on skin and psyche. The balsamic, vanilla, softly fragrant extract flatters the nose and serves as a soul flower in well -being mixes. Benzoe Siam has also proven itself as an encore in skin care. Particularly suitable for dry, cracked skin in wound healing balms. A fragrance that is also highly valued by children because it does not smell medically.

Primavera Benzoe Siam Bio, 5ml

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Indulge your senses in a world of soothing scents and calming sensations with our Primavera Benzoe Siam Bio. Experience the enveloping warmth and nourishing embrace of this balsamic extract as it permeates your skin and psyche, leaving you feeling tranquil and at peace with the world around you.

Our carefully crafted blend of benzoe siam extract is imbued with the delicate fragrances of vanilla and gentle florals, creating a soulful aroma that lingers tantalizingly around you, leaving you feeling enveloped in a cloud of pure bliss.

Ideal for those seeking a luxurious skincare treatment, our Benzoe Siam extract is perfect for dry, cracked skin and is an excellent addition to wound healing balms. It's a fragrance that even children love, with its soft, delicate aroma that doesn't smell medicinal.

To experience the full benefits of our Benzoe Siam extract, try some of our recipe tips. For intense skin care, try our rich balm recipe featuring shea butter*, almond oil, and pure Benzoe Siam extract. Apply it directly on cracked, wound areas or use it as a protective winter balm for your face and hands.

For a gentle and comforting fragrance that's perfect for anxious children, try our cuddly air recipe featuring Benzoe Siam extract, mimosa, and orange. It can be used as a fragrance lamp oil or applied as a partial massage oil to calm and soothe their delicate senses.

Experience the pure luxury of Primavera Benzoe Siam Bio, made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from the mountains of Laos. Add a touch of romance to your daily routine and bask in the pure bliss of this gentle, calming extract. Try it today and discover your own little slice of heaven.

Primavera Benzoe Siam Bio, 5ml