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Fine tomato passata from Demeter tomatoes for versatile cuisine.

2 x Naturata tomatoes passata, 700g

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Fine tomato passata from demeter tomatoes for the versatile cuisine. The Naturata Demeter tomato passata comes from the Italian Azienda Agricola Terre di Sangorgio in San Giorgio Piacentino. Matteo Gazzola has been running organic agriculture here since 1990. While the focus was initially on growing vegetables for regional marketing, he changed the company in 1995 and since then cultivated tomatoes. At the same time, a production system was built in which the tomatoes are processed immediately after the Erntesegen. As a result, the fruits on the field can fully mature so that you can taste the whole power of the sun of Italy in the products.

Organic Demeter Tomato Passata, Italian Sun-Ripened, 700g