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The Naturata Demeter-tomatoensugo is a typical Italian pasta sauce and is made from biodynamic tomatoes with grilled zucchini.

2 x Naturata Tomatasugo with grilled zucchini, 290ml

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Behold the romance of Italy captured in a bottle of Naturata Tomatasugo with grilled zucchini. This exquisite pasta sauce transports you to the sun-kissed fields of San Giorgio Piacentino where the biodynamic tomatoes, a gift from the earth, are nurtured by the skilled hands of Matteo Gazzola since 1990.

The succulent tomatoes are harvested when they are fully ripe, bursting with the rich, flavorful goodness bestowed upon them by the generous Italian sun. Combined with grilled zucchini, onion, and a sprinkle of celery, carrots, salt and pepper, this savory sauce is pure poetry in motion.

Close your eyes and indulge in the mouthwatering aroma, as it commingles with the fresh scent of your favorite pasta. The complex flavors of the sauce, highlighted by the fruity olive oil native extra, will awaken your senses, igniting a fiery passion for culinary excellence.

Experience the passion and taste of Italy with Naturata Tomatasugo with grilled zucchini, designed to take you on a journey of culinary bliss. Whether you're a foodie, a pasta lover, or just want to wow your taste buds, this pasta sauce is perfect for you. Grab a bottle today and bring your taste buds the romance they deserve.

Naturata Tomatasugo with Grilled Zucchini - Authentic Italian Pasta Sauce