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For these fine bitter chocolate, small farmers-cooperatives mainly grow cocoa of the Forastero and Criollo varieties in southwest to Togos. There the cocoa trees grow in the shade of larger trees. Immediately after the Erntesegen, the cocoa is traditionally fermented and sun -dried.

2 x Naturata Togo Feinbitter 65%, 100g

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Indulge in the sweet allure of our Naturata Togo Feinbitter chocolate, a tantalizing treat that will enrapture your senses. This exquisite chocolate is crafted from the finest Forastero and Criollo cocoa beans, carefully selected from small farmers-cooperatives nestled in the lush southwest of Togo. Grown in the shade of towering trees, the cocoa is harvested at the peak of ripeness and traditionally fermented and sun-dried, unlocking its delectable flavors and aromas.

But the magic of our Naturata chocolate lies not only in its origins, but in the artisanal expertise of our Swiss chocolatiers, who lovingly craft this chocolate through a unique and time-honored process of long conches. This results in a chocolate that melts delightfully on the tongue, revealing deep and complex layers of taste.

Only the purest and most sustainably sourced ingredients go into our Naturata chocolates, so you can savor every bite with the knowledge that you are supporting fair trade practices and environmentally-friendly processes. We use only 100% controlled organic cocoa beans, raw-pipe sugar from the small farmer project "Manduvirá" in Paraguay and finely ground Bourbon vanilla. Our chocolate is free from any artificial flavors or emulsifiers and soyalecithin is replaced by pure cocoa butter, ensuring a GMO-free, high-quality aroma.

Enjoy the guiltless pleasure of our Naturata Togo Feinbitter chocolate, and become part of a community that cherishes fair cooperation and sustainable practices. Transport yourself to a world of pure bliss with every decadent bite.

Naturata Togo Feinbitter Chocolate - Organic, Fair Trade, Delicious!