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The hemp comes from selected farmers from organic cultivation. Due to the particularly gentle processing, without external heat supply and without auxiliary substances, the valuable fatty acids of the hemp seed are preserved.

Naturata spread oil native, 250ml

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Introducing Naturata's exquisite spread oil native! This premium oil comes from carefully selected organic seeds, processed gently without external heat supply or auxiliary substances. As a result, all the valuable fatty acids are retained, ensuring that you get only the best in terms of quality.

Naturata's commitment to supporting local farmers from the region means that, in addition to the organic products, you can also savor other specialties from long-term project partners across Europe and the world. And with the "native" quality class, you can be sure that this cold-pressed oil is of the highest quality. Only raw materials from controlled organic sources are used, and no post-treatment, except for filtering, is carried out. This means that even after processing, the oil retains all its important ingredients and carries its distinctive, species-own taste.

With its flavor-nutty profile and valuable fatty acid spectrum, Naturata's spread oil native is the perfect ingredient for your kitchen. Whether you want to liven up your salads, dressings, marinades, or spreads, this oil delivers an unmistakable and delectable taste. However, due to its relatively low smoke point, it may not be suitable for roasting or frying.

Treat yourself to the best with Naturata spread oil native - a true culinary delight that's guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds!

Naturata Organic Spread Oil - Premium Quality, Distinctive Taste