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Spelled penne for the finely nutty paste.

2 x Naturata penne, spelled light, 500g

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Are you a fan of pasta, but looking for a healthier and more sustainable alternative? Look no further than Naturata's Spelt-Penne! Made with finely nutty spelt, this pasta is not only delicious but also ethically produced.

How so, you might ask? Well, Naturata ensures fair prices and reliable commitments to farmers, giving them an economic basis for their company. The required amounts of grain are even discussed before sowing, so the crop rotation can be tailored to it. And since the soil and weather conditions around the Swabian Alb were made for traditional spelled varieties, the pasta has an unbeatable fine-nutty taste.

But the ethical benefits don't stop there. The processing company where the pasta is produced is just a few kilometers away, meaning there are short transport routes that contribute to the protection of natural resources. Plus, Naturata operates under strict biodynamic criteria and even compensates for the CO2 emissions that arise during manufacture and transport thanks to a partnership with MyClimate.

So not only is Naturata's Spelt-Penne delicious, but it's also made with ethical and sustainable practices. And with its fine-nutty taste, it pairs perfectly with tomato, bolognese, or cream sauces. Give it a try, and you won't be disappointed!

Naturata Spelt-Penne: Ethically Produced, Delicious Pasta