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Naturata rice noodles are the gluten-free alternative for pasta friends.

2 x Naturata penne, rice whole grain, 250g

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Looking for a gluten-free alternative for pasta? Naturata rice noodles are just what you need! Produced without any additives or aids, these whole-grain rice noodles are completely gluten-free and rigorously tested by independent laboratories to ensure the highest quality standards.

Made with rice cultivated according to strict organic guidelines, Naturata rice noodles deliver a delicious and healthy pasta experience that's perfect for any summer dish. Whether you're whipping up a light pasta salad or a flavorful, Asian-inspired meal, these rice noodles don't disappoint. So why not add a pack of Naturata rice noodles to your cart today and enjoy a deliciously healthy twist on your favorite pasta dishes?

Gluten-Free Organic Rice Noodles - Healthy and Delicious!