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Hard wheat maccaroni for the original pure paste.

6 x Naturata Maccaroni Lang, Hartweizer Hell, 500g

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Looking for some top-quality, original Italian pasta that'll really get your taste buds tingling? Look no further than our Naturata Maccaroni Lang, Hartweizer Hell!

Crafted from 100% durum Demeter-Hartweizen, a hard wheat variety grown by biodynamic farmers in Piedmont, Italy, these long, thin maccaroni pasta strands are the real deal when it comes to authentic Italian pasta.

With its warm Mediterranean climate and low rainfall, Piedmont is the perfect place to grow the durum wheat used to make our Naturata pasta. And with over 30 years' experience working with these local farmers, we can guarantee the quality of our raw materials and the fairness of our prices.

Gently crafted using the best biodynamically-produced ingredients, our Naturata pasta has that perfect, doughy texture and optimal cooking properties that Italian pasta is famous for. And to top it all off, we've partnered with myclimate to offset the CO2 emissions generated during the manufacturing and transportation of our noodle and packaging.

So why not try our Naturata Maccaroni Lang, Hartweizer Hell for yourself? Perfectly paired with tomato, bolognese, or cream sauces, it's the ideal choice for any discerning pasta lover. HARTWEITERIES!

Authentic Italian Naturata Maccaroni Pasta - 500g