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Chicken and tap noodles made of durum wheat for the original pure paste fun for young and old.

6 x Naturata Huhn & Hahn Children's noodles, durum wheat, 250g

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Hey there! Are you on the lookout for a healthy and delicious pasta option for your kiddos? Look no further than Naturata Huhn & Hahn Children's Noodles! These noodles are made from 100% Durum Demeter-Hartweizen, a type of wheat grown by biodynamically working farmers in Italy's Piedmont region. Durum wheat is known for its great pasta-making properties and its healthy nutritional profile, and these noodles are no exception.

What's really amazing about Naturata is their commitment to fair prices and sustainable sourcing. They've been working with the same farmers for over 30 years and ensure a steady source of income for these hardworking folks who grow the best biodynamically produced raw materials for these noodles.

Oh, and let's not forget, these noodles are carbon-neutral! Naturata, in partnership with myclimate, offsets the CO2 emissions that come from manufacturing and transporting these noodles and their packaging.

The noodles are great for family dinners, and they pair wonderfully with tomato, bolognese, and cream sauces. Your little ones will love the good bite and perfect-cooking properties of these noodles, and you'll love how they add a healthy twist to your mealtime routine. Try them out today and see what the fuss is all about!

Naturata Huhn & Hahn Children's Noodles - Healthy and Delicious!