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This fine and mild cocoa comes from the east of Ghana. There, the nationwide first organic and fairtrade-certified small farmers-cooperative predominantly builds forastero cocoa for this creamy whole milk chocolate. The secret of the fine melting and the unique taste lies in a special manufacturing process: in traditional Swiss craftsmanship, the chocolatiers create fine chocolate through particularly long conches that melt on the tongue.

2 x Naturata ghana whole milk 35%, 100g

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Indulge in the pure and divine taste of Naturata Ghana Whole Milk Chocolate. Elevate your senses to new heights with every bite of this fine and mild cocoa from the east of Ghana. This creamy chocolate is crafted by artisanal chocolatiers who utilize traditional Swiss craftsmanship and a special manufacturing process to create a chocolate that melts perfectly on your tongue.

But this organic, fair trade delicacy is more than just exquisite taste. With only the best, all-natural ingredients sourced through controlled organic cultivation, you can enjoy this chocolate guilt-free. No artificial flavors or emulsifiers are used, and the sugar is sourced mainly from a small farmer project in Paraguay, ensuring fair trade practices.

Naturata chocolate is free of genetically modified additives, with soyalecithin replaced by cocoa butter, allowing for a higher-quality aroma. Thanks to our partnership with MyClimate, we have compensated for the CO2 emissions that arise in the production and transport of this masterpiece.

By reveling in Naturata Ghana Whole Milk Chocolate, you are not only gifting yourself with a delectable treat, you are contributing to fair cooperation and supporting small farmers around the world. Satisfy your cravings with this sweet, soft, and irresistible chocolate that is truly a testament to the art of chocolate-making.

Organic Naturata Ghana Whole Milk Chocolate - Fair Trade Delicacy