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The Naturata full ripe sugar contains the complete molacial content of the sugar cane. As a result, it has an earthy look and an intensely caramel -like, malty taste. This in particular gives sweet dishes and cakes as well as hot drinks a special aroma.

2 x Naturata full ripe sugar, 400g

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Looking for a sugar that's truly sweet and earthy? Meet Naturata's full ripe sugar! This natural sugar is rich in molasses content and has a deliciously caramel-like, malt flavor that's sure to add extra depth to any sweet dish, cake, or hot drink.

The sugar cane used to make this sugar comes from Paraguay, where the ideal climate conditions for sugar cane cultivation exists. The sugar is processed immediately after harvesting near a local sugar mill, ensuring that it retains all of those tasty molasses.

Here at Naturata, we're conscientious about our impact on the planet, which is why we work with MyClimate to offset any CO2 emissions that arise in the production and transport of our products. All the packaging for this sugar is made from renewable raw materials, like paper that's fully recyclable.

This full-roasted sugar is perfect for hot drinks, desserts, cakes, and pastries. We especially love pairing it with nutty biscuits. Try it out and experience the rich, satisfying taste of full-molasses sugar today!

Naturata Full Ripe Sugar: Rich, Caramel-like Flavor for Sweet Delights!