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Heavenly intensive cocoa nut with pleasant sweetness for young and old. The powder dissolves wonderfully in both warm and cold milk.

Naturata cocoa drink, 350g

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Are you ready to indulge in a sinfully delicious cocoa beverage? Look no further than Naturata cocoa drink! This 350g package contains the perfect blend of cocoa nut with just the right amount of sweetness for both kids and adults to enjoy. Plus, it's made from fairly traded ingredients sourced from controlled organic farming.

Unlike some cocoa products that contain unwanted GMOs, Naturata's cocoa drink is free of any genetically modified organisms. That's because they don't use emulsifiers like soy-lecithin. Not only is it GMO-free, it also dissolves wonderfully in both warm and cold milk. Simply stir the powder into your favorite milk and voila - you've got yourself a chocolatey treat.

This is truly a chocolate lover's dream come true. Naturata's cocoa drink has a heavenly taste, thanks to its powerful 35% cocoa content. Plus, it comes with added benefits. The potassium carbonate acid regulator helps to maintain the balance of the cocoa's flavor.

Whether you're cozying up with a hot cocoa on a chilly day, or cooling off with a refreshing glass of cold cocoa on a hot summer day - Naturata's cocoa drink is an experience that will leave both kids and adults wanting more. Add it to your cart and treat yourself to the ultimate chocolate indulgence today!

Naturata Cocoa Drink - Sinfully Delicious Organic Chocolate Beverage