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Turmeric drink Doubleshot - fruity spicy turmeric combined with the natural sharpness of the real ginger pieces. Kurkumatrink Doubleshot is the daily gingerish for on the go- without flavors and preservatives.

10 x Kloster kitchen organic gumshot turmeric 2 shots, 60ml

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Looking for a shot of pure inspiration for your healthy lifestyle? Look no further than Kloster Kitchen's organic gumshot in turmeric flavor! This powerful elixir is made using an old monastery recipe and a specially developed manufacturing process that includes finely cut ginger pieces in every bottle, making it an all-natural, perfectly seasoned, and light yet effective gingershot highlight.

With organic, vegan ingredients and no artificial additives, this gumshot is the perfect addition to your health regimen - and with its fruity and spicy flavor with a touch of Asia, it's a treat for your taste buds too! And if you're looking for a little variety, our gumshot is available in two more flavors.

We take pride in using only pure organic ingredients in all of our products, and we're proud to say that our gumshot is completely GMO-free. With our BioControll office certification, you can trust that you're getting a natural and high-quality product that works wonders for your body.

So add this double dose of power to your daily routine and feel the difference. Try Kloster Kitchen's organic gumshot in turmeric now and start your healthy living journey today!

Organic Turmeric Gumshot - Boost Your Health with Kloster Kitchen