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Traditionally applied as a mild drug for heartburn, acid -related stomach complaints and diarrhea.

Luvos healing earth ultra -ein, 200g

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Introducing Luvos Healing Earth Ultra-ein, the natural solution to your heartburn, acid-related stomach complaints, and diarrhea. Say hello to quick relief without any side effects.

Formulated using a unique blend of minerals and trace elements found in natural healing earth, Luvos Healing Earth Ultra-ein has an almost seven times higher acid binding capacity than other healing earths available. In a study, patients with heartburn and acid-related symptoms saw a significant reduction in their symptoms within minutes of using Luvos Healing Earth Ultra-ein.

But that's not all – Luvos Healing Earth Ultra-ein also proves to be a natural solution for diarrhea, as it binds triggering pathogens and their metabolic products, allowing gentle re-balance of the disturbed intestinal flora to its natural state.

Only Luvos Healing Earth Ultra-ein offers such natural relief, with its active ingredient sourced from German ice age loess, gently prepared in a unique procedure to retain its therapeutic properties.

Take control of your digestive health with Luvos Healing Earth Ultra-ein – nature's solution to your heartburn, acid-related stomach complaints, and diarrhea.

Luvos Healing Earth Ultra-ein: Natural Relief for Heartburn & Diarrhea