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Care effect of the Luvos med series: healing, protecting, moistening, soothing & repairing. Medical skin care formula of valuable healing earth, skin-calming and regulating plant and herbal extracts intensively provides moisture, regenerated, has a leak and helps to rebuild the skin's own lipid barrier of dry, heavily stressed skin.

Luvo's natural cosmetics with healing earth Luvos med acut-serum, 50ml

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Introducing Luvo's natural cosmetics with the enchanting power of Luvos med acut-serum. Designed for delicate facial skin and heavily-irritated parts of the body, this precious serum is a true miracle in a jar.

Every drop of this vegan serum is infused with the goodness of natural healing earth and enriched with skin-related lipids and skin-calming elements, making it a splendid addition to your skincare routine. With a unique oil-in-water emulsion, it is easy to apply and blends effortlessly, leaving your skin with a velvety-smooth, non-greasy feel.

Indulge in the three-fold principle of this serum as it works wonders on your skin in more ways than one. First, it promotes the skin's natural defense mechanism, significantly improving its moisture content. Next, it soothes irritated, reddened skin with its intense calming effects. Finally, it promotes the regeneration of the skin barrier, enhancing its natural moisture memory.

Rest easy knowing that this beautiful product bears no color, fragrance, or preservatives. Go ahead and apply this clinically-tested serum in the morning or evening, or a whenever you're in need of an extra dose of pure luxury for your sensitive facial skin or heavily-irritated parts of the body - after all, self-care is a ritual we should all indulge in. And when it comes to Luvo's natural earthy scents and healing power, why not make it a masterpiece of your skincare routine?

Luvo's Healing Earth Serum - Natural Cosmetics for Sensitive Skin