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Acacia honey from ecological beekeeping mild-like acacia honey actually comes from the robinia, the so-called "wrong acacia". During the short flowering period in May and June, the bees collect the nectar for a unique honey in the fragrant white flowers of the tree up to 25 meters high. Hoyer acacia honey contains a lot of fructose, which is why it remains liquid for a very long time. Origin: Depending on the Erntesegen or availability of Hungary, Bulgaria and/or Romania

Hoyer Acacia honey, 250g

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Craving a honey that will make your taste buds dance with delight? Look no further than our exquisite Hoyer Acacia honey! This 250g jar is packed with pure goodness that will satisfy every honey lover out there.

What sets our honey apart from the rest? It's simple – we bring you the absolute best. Our Hoyer Acacia honey is 100% authentic and sourced exclusively from the luscious Acacia trees found in carefully selected regions of Europe. This ensures that you're getting a honey of unparalleled quality and taste.

Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, our Hoyer Acacia honey offers a delightful experience with its smooth texture and distinctive floral flavor. As you savor each spoonful, you'll be transported to the serene landscapes where these Acacia trees thrive.

Indulge in the versatility of this exceptional honey by sweetening your morning tea or pouring it over a steaming bowl of oatmeal. Want to take your culinary creations to new heights? Our Hoyer Acacia honey adds a burst of exquisite flavor to your favorite recipes, making them truly unforgettable.

Each jar contains a generous 250g of pure sweetness, guaranteeing that you'll have plenty to enjoy and share with friends and family. We take immense pride in delivering honey products of the highest quality, and our Hoyer Acacia honey is no exception. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you for this indulgence.

Experience the sheer pleasure and unrivaled taste of the finest Acacia honey. Treat yourself to a jar (or two) of our Hoyer Acacia honey today and elevate your honey game to new heights!

Hoyer Acacia honey, 250g